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Dry Ice Blasting Industrial and Production plants

The possibilities of dry-ice blasting are very versatile:

Dry ice cleaning is perfect for removing all sorts of dirt in industrial applications. Since dry ice blasting does not leave any blast residue behind, there is no need to clean-up any blasting materials afterwards. That saves you time and money! Thanks to our mobile dry ice blasting machine, we at TERLATEC can clean your production plant quickly and efficiently. Dry ice blasting makes it possible to clean machinery and production plants without using any water. Traditional methods using steam cleaners and chemicals can cause considerable damage to your plants, such as corrosion.

Flexibility and speed are our top priorities. Dry ice blasting does not require you to dismantle the machine you want cleaned, and therefore not only saves a lot of work, but also minimises expensive stoppages and loss of production. Whether you want your machinery cleaned at the weekend or on a public holiday, we will arrange a time that suits you, thus enabling you to integrate the cleaning of your machinery into your production schedule. Our process is 100% dry, which makes it perfect for machinery and plants. Dry ice even gets into the corners that traditional cleaning agents fail to reach, and makes oily and greasy dirt easy to remove. Dry ice blasting has numerous industrial applications.

For example: In the chemical industry, deposits of adhesives, oils and grease In the plastics industry, injection moulding machine cavities In the electrical and power generation industries, turbines, substations and transformers In the printing industry, cleaning print cylinders without removing them

Want to know more? Why not get in touch and arrange a dry-ice blasting test run? We will then clean a small test patch with our mobile blasting machine. If you are pleased with the results, we would be happy to put together a personalised quotation for you.

Sophisticated and customized solutions for you. We advise you individually.


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